Monday, June 29, 2009


"Give me a thing which is hard
Multi-dimensional and oddly shaped
With jagged edges like broken glass
Place it in front of me
Look me in the eye
And step away, with gravitas
I will want to know how to pick it up
In the simplest of fashions
Risking insult and injury
But damage is inevitable
As it goes, these are the throes of life
And I will not shirk what is mine
Give me a thing which is ugly
Putrified and torn
With angry organisms in all its orifices
I will want to know how to move it
From one place to another
And maybe back again
Do not give it to me in a glass jar
With 'caution' painted on its sides
But lay it in the open air
Infection rarely carries a flashing sign,
"DANGER - Keep your distance!"
What makes me stronger will most definitely kill me
Give me a thing which has shattered
Been smashed beyond recognition
Bears no resemblance to anything at all
I will want to know what it was
To discover its original form
Uncover its purpose
Regard me with respect
I don't want your clues
Or your glues, strings and other fancy stuff
It is not my intention to repair
Only to understand the process
And I will not surrender that understanding freely
Better. No best. Give me
what you think I cannot do.
Dare me to try at what you know I will fail.
Do not think yourself a worthy opponent
You are a simple Pawn
There is only one Protagonist
I will want to know how to live
In a manner that shows you
I cannot fail; Nor shall I.
Resolve, thy name is "Me."
I will not be there to see the Pawns' shocked expressions
The Spirit in the Sky will be holding me.
"People do well because they are loved and because much is asked of them... Their own sense of responsibility is always their greatest asset."

the boys